About Us

Our Purpose: OutThink. OutDo

In a hyper changing world, conventional thinking alone wont guarantee success. One needs to ‘OutThink and OutDo’ others in order to stay at the top of the game. OutThinking is thinking well ahead of the time, before anyone does. It’s finding unusual connections in a mundane world. Here OutDo is not just a catch phrase, but something that resonates deep within in every employee. The urge is to OutDo oneself, competition and the status quo. OutThink and OutDo are the two forces that push people at SRM to bring the best in any given situation

Our Vision

To be the best-in-class technology helping our clientele craft their future.

Our Mission

Employee delight. Customer Joy.

Our Shared Core values
  • Client First
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Results Oriented & Consistently Deliver
  • Empathy & Ethical
Quick Facts
  • 1200+ professional engineers worldwide
  • 17+ years of experience with R&D focus
  • CMMi Certification /ISO 9001:2008 /TS 16949 Unit
  • Proximity delivery centers – USA, Canada, South America, Japan, Europe
  • Global design & Manufacturing centers – Chennai, Bangalore
  • Sales offices – USA, Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Dubai, India
  • Global delivery footprint to deliver highest ROI for a given client
  • 5% of top industry talent
  • 1030+ engineered solutions
  • 200+ Turnkey products executed
  • 400+ electronic products assembled
  • 110+ active client engagements
  • 3 M + pieces manufactured and shipped
  • 7+ Centers of Excellence (CoEs)
  • 5+ Platform Accelerators
  • 5+ geographic areas of delivery presence
  • 20+ partnerships & alliances
  • 2+ service line engagement with each client
  • 2 Fully automated SMTP line
  • 0 Defects with First Time Design Iteration

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