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The world is getting ready for the post-pandemic transformation in business. As we begin to settle into a new normal, we look at the short and long-term advancements that will impact the kind of offices we inhabit in a post-pandemic world, not to mention the opportunities that come with it.

To create a world-class work environment that supports the hybrid work pattern, we have redefined our office space to be more collaborative and flexible. Our main idea behind creating this incredible office is to stay inspired and inspire others as well.

SRM Tech Corporate Brand Video from SRM Technologies on Vimeo.

Creativity and Innovation

Our office comprises a 70% open space environment to work, while the rest is utilized for meetings and brainstorming sessions. The overall design theme of the work area reflects on our company values and beliefs that guide as ONE team to grow and prosper. The plug-and-play model makes it convenient for the employees to move around and choose flexible workspaces that enable high productivity. It also promotes collaborative ways of working and bringing people together, encouraging them to be creative, think aloud and build relationships across the organization.

Workplace Culture

A new office space with mindful, creative and value-driven decor is a great way to redefine an organization’s workplace culture. The recreational areas, distinct meeting room themes and the overall setup aim to provide a stimulating and happy environment for our workforce to thrive. Our employees are proud to be a part of this experience and feel empowered by the transparency, equal opportunity, knowledge-sharing, and regular feedback sessions at work.

Safety and Comfort

The Covid guidelines are constantly evolving, and safety concerns continue to be paramount in redesigning the future of work. We strictly follow all the safety guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for our employees. This includes frequent disinfection of workstations, clean and hygienic cafeteria, well-maintained restrooms, and availability of sanitizers throughout the office. Apart from these, mandatory temperature checks are also done every day. This way, we make sure that all our stakeholders are in a safe atmosphere. Our teams take collective responsibility in ensuring that all employees are comfortable and health considerations are managed efficiently.

SRM Tech strives to be a great place to work for its current, future, and remote workforce. We take regular feedback from our various stakeholders and keep improvising on our policies, workplace conditions, facilities and more.

Join our team and experience our fascinating workspace and culture. Visit to view open positions at SRM Tech.