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Leading electronic component manufacturer

Versatile solution for rapid IoT
product development and innovation

Business Goals

  • Architect platform to enable:
    • Rapid prototyping, and POC and IoT solution development.
  • Simplify acquiring, communicating and processing of sensor-based data.
    • To evaluate sensor hardware.
    • Develop algorithms around sensor data.
    • Develop IoT applications


  • Modular IoT platform for developing, prototyping and deploying algorithms and IoT solutions.
  • Flexible architecture with integrated data exchange and data management.
  • Connectivity to hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Cypress, 96 Boards, Sony Spresense, etc.
    • One-stop-shop for developers across consumer applications:
    • Wearables, health and wellness.
    • Games and toys.
    • Smart home devices.
    • Industrial IoT – smart city sensor networks, building and asset management, logistics, and factory automation.
  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) to reduce manual intervention.


  • Accelerated prototyping and development of IoT solutions for faster delivery.
  • Cost-effective solution with three variants, catering to wide-ranging customer requirements.
  • Optimized utilization of components in IoT solutions to reduce costs.