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Leading automated parking system provider

50% reduction in damages to cars
30% lower user complaints
70% savings in time due to first time right parking

Business Goals

Design driver guidance and vehicle positioning system with following features:

  • Ability to configure cameras based on parking bay size.
  • Guide driver to position car in center of tray.
  • Measure car dimensions and communicate to central system.
  • Capture images of car and license plate to identify vehicle damage.
  • Identify foreign objects in the tray and raise alerts.


  • Developed Position Guidance solution leveraging live streams from CCTV cameras in vision system.
  • Solution features:
    • Instruct driver to position car in the center of the tray.
    • Measure car dimensions and communicate with central system.
    • Determine the right bay size for vehicle based on dimensions.
    • Capture images of license plate, vehicle exterior, foreign objects in the bay.
    • Transmit images to central system for storage.


  • Ability to match vehicles to the right bay size for space and cost optimization.
  • Accurate instructions to help drivers park in the center of tray.
  • Reduced customer complaints due to vehicle body scans prior to parking.
  • Lower injuries/accidents due to bays clear of foreign objects.