Digital – Digitize, Transform, Optimize

Digitization – At Scale And With Speed

Transformation Overview

Reshaping The Entirety Of Business Processes

Digital Transformation is inspiring new standards of business and growth. It is not just about incorporating new technology into a business; it’s a seismic change, disrupting almost everything that forms enterprises. Existing products are reinvented, manual processes are swapped for automated models, and decision-making turns more precise with data and newer customer experience is the core focus of any transformation initiatives.
With our UCombinators Approach, pre-built accelerators, open source solutions/platforms, and services combined, we’re accelerating the development, testing and deployment of your technology stack without starting from scratch.


Matching Pace With Technology Development

Technology Consulting

Demystifying Technology Roadmaps And Technology Stacks

With technologies evolving at a break-neck speed and competition getting fierce, there’s a greater need than ever to consult with a technology advisor. A really great one can help you crack the code to the next disruption. We’ve built a world-class team of technology consultants that work with you to facilitate your digital journey.

Key Offerings

IT Strategy

IT Architecture


ERP Services

System Integration

Data Analytics

IT Security

Software Management

How we can help?

We work with you to help you accelerate your digital transformation at scale, on time, and within your budget. Our innovation advisors can help you build the right technology strategies, after analyzing your business and IT landscape. They can provide a roadmap for optimal implementation and then enable a seamless transition to mobilize vertical growth for your business.

Outsource Product Development

Building bespoke solutions through responsible measured outsourcing

Technology outsourcing is reaching an inflection point as there is a greater need than ever for emergent talent to help enterprises to stay competitive. By working with an experienced IT solutions provider that fully understands your project requirements, you can remain focused on your core competencies. As a leading outsourced product development company, we manage your entire project cycle from advisory and architecture, to implementation and deployment in order to drive tangible value.

Key Offerings

Technology Consulting and Advisory

Product Engineering Services

System Architecture Design

Design Thinking


Minimum Viable Product

QA and Testing

Performance Engineering

Migration and Porting

Sustenance and Support

Professional Services

How we can help?

The experienced members of our dedicated agile outsourced software development center (OSDC) are available throughout every step of your journey. They work from an intelligent outsourcing model based on innovative platforms such as Agile Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming. From a range of engagement models to suit your exact requirements including time and material, fixed-price/time, dedicated development facility or milestone-based billing. We’ve used our unique fit-to-purpose methodologies to perform collaborative way-finding across industries.

Continuous Testing & Automation

Making businesses agile to optimize performance

Testing and automation is a crucial focus area for businesses looking to drive business value, improve standards and maximize productivity.

Key Offerings

Functional Testing

Usability Testing

Content Testing

Performance Testing

Compliance Testing

Automation Testing

Security Testing

Mobile Platform Testing

How we can help?

Working as a standalone unit or an extension of your team, we can provide a comprehensive suite of testing services across a variety of functional aspects. Whatever you need, our industry-driven, intelligent testing and automation services ensure maximum efficiency and cost benefits.
Using QA frameworks including Selenium, Appium and JMeter, we can automate touch points across all applications and architectural layers.

Digital Integration

Connected Digital Experiences for the Evolving Consumer Economy

Enterprises have adopted new technology both quickly and completely, however, in the rush, the leaders have failed to notice the vulnerability silos across applications, data, and processes. As a result, the new systems are functioning as standalones, which is resulting in a lack of 360-degree view of the business for customers, partners, and employees.

Key Offerings

API Strategy And Management

Business Integration

Business Process Excellence

Business Analytics

Business Support IT

How we can help?

By conjoining systems, processes, and data across the enterprise, Digital Integration facilitates unparalleled efficiency, innovation at speed, and connected digital experiences for customers. It eliminates bottlenecks to supply chain visibility and enables a consolidated, end-to-end view for intelligent planning and resource allocation. If you want to orchestrate your next competitive shift to the integrated digital, we’d be delighted to help you do just that.

R&D Labs

Staying ahead of the technology curve

R&D opens the gate for future opportuities and builds the roadmap of success. Our R&D expertise can help you break the barries for innovating your products and services by providing end to end services from proof of concept to execution. Our team will always ensure that you are ahead of the technology curve.

Key Offerings

Digitizing Workforce

Internet of Things (IoT)

Performance Engineering

Proof of Concept and Prototyping

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence


ERP Solutions

Industry 4.0

Software Engineering

Web Scaling

How we can help?

R&D opens the gate for future opportunities and builds the roadmap of success. Our R&D expertise can help you break the barriers for innovating your products and services by providing end to end support from Proof Of Concept to Execution. Our team will always ensure that you are ahead of the technology curve.


Staying current to stay alive

To stay competitive, you have to stay current. One of the key aspects to staying current is modernizing or upgrading your legacy business suites through perpetually evolving technology platforms and frameworks.

Key Offerings

Define maintenance parameters and infrastructure to support hassle-free functioning

Migrate seamlessly to the new and modernized platform

Leverage technology innovation for growth

Build a modernization map that prioritizes tasks and analyzes business risks in advance

Analyze the current IT landscape and provide valuable insights to the client

Design release plans that focuses on key systems without interrupting current processes

Use small DevOps teams that focus on mitigating backlog issues and revamping components

How we can help?

We will modernize the components of your existing business applications without interrupting your daily business tasks and functions. The team can also build new, modern technology-based business platforms that can help you achieve organizational goals. They even provide agility and build applications and platforms that helps you drive holistic growth.

Agile Software Development

Take the hassle out of your software development

Agile software development requires a much higher level of collaboration between all those involved. As a result, it requires one or both of the parties to make compromises on their traditional processes to adapt to the task in hand. This requires an experienced software partner with whom you can successfully collaborate with to develop customized software solutions as per your requirements. Your agile software development requires someone like us.

Key Offerings

Start Ups
Ideation, Angel/Seed, Expansion and Hypergrowth

Technology Consulting, Digital Commerce and Professional Services

Large Enterprises
Proof of Concept, New Initiative Development and Quality Assurance

How we can help?

Our dedicated agile outsourced software development center (OSDC) is present at every stage of your journey to success, from ideation right through to delivery. Our global delivery model offers you onsite, near-shore, off-shore or hybrid capabilities. What’s more, our flexible team can provide it with round-the-clock support, regardless of what time zone you’re in.

Showcasing Our Expertise

Our Range of Technology Solutions & Platforms

Customer Experience

Building A Roadmap That Leaves An Impact

Architect interactive experience touchpoints with the end user at the heart of every step of the process. For this to work, you need an insight-driven, multifactorial design strategy that puts users at its core. Rather than designing for what you personally like or want, you must connect with their reality and understand their human needs at every level.

Key Offerings

Product Design

UI/UX Design

Agile UX

Branding and Design Strategy

How we can help?

It starts with exhaustive design thinking that leads to audience personas, map demographics and customers’ behavior identification. This leads us to our in-depth UX workshops that identify your KPIs, create brand guidelines and take your project from concept to completion. Finally, it’s our detailed prototyping stage. Here, we create mockups of your envisioned product, complete form-to-function demonstrations and explore enhancements to make a great design even greater.

Enterprise Automation

Businesses focus on achieving speed and precision in whatever task they perform and pursuing data-driven growth leveraging the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology, an inherent part of digital transformation
We combine intelligent automation and hyper automation capabilities to help businesses achieve actionable insights, eliminate process bottlenecks, increase productivity, and deliver enriched experiences to stakeholders.

Key Offerings

Robotic Process Automation

ERP automation

Intelligent Digital Workplace

Enterprise automation services

Intelligent automation solutions

Smart Bot Development


We leverage the innovative capabilities of the cloud to help customers build new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and deliver incredible experiences. We believe that the cloud is the new normal and has the potential to change everything.

Key Offerings

Smart Bot Development

Enterprise automation services

Intelligent automation solutions

Cloud Application Development
Build Cloud-Native Applications

IoT Devices
Hardware, Software, Analytics, Accelerators

Professional Services on Demand
Flexible cost efficient cloud consultation

Cloud Adoption
Migrations, Hybrid, Foundations

Application Modernization
Containers and Serverless

Data Engineering & Analytics
Data Lake, Big Data Solutions

Managed Cloud Operations
24/7 Cloud Support, DevOps, Continuity

Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Spend Visibility & Control

AI & Machine Learning
Data Intelligence and Automation

We are a

As an affiliated Salesforce Consulting Partner, we facilitate a strategic roadmap for your long-term goals, from consulting, implementation to maintenance and migration. Our certified salesforce developers meticulously architect solutions that add more value to your business operations, elevate customer experiences & achieve remarkable top-line.

Get in touch to know about our Success Stories and how we can enhance your business with the power of Salesforce platforms.

Salesforce Cloud Expertise

Salesforce Offerings






Managed services

Maintenance & Support

Staff Augmentation

End-User Training

Our Salesforce Success Stories

Streamlined & improved the sales performance of one of Japan’s largest online banking providers using Sales Cloud.

85 %
Improved Agent
Productivity through

Elevated sales & service team performance for a prominent Japanese insurance firm through end-to-end salesforce implementation.

10 %
20 %
Manual work

Developed integrated salesforce solutions for an Image Processing Company to improve employee performance management.

Improved Order


SRM Microsoft Business Unit has been exclusively designed to accelerate innovation for our customers and create modern, intuitive enterprises with an industry leading digital transformation agenda. SRM Microsoft Business Unit is focused on Microsoft technologies to extend the offerings of Business Applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, IoT, AI/Machine Learning and help employees leverage the modern workplace more effectively with Microsoft 365 and Windows 10. This business unit combines SRM’s specialized services and global reach with Microsoft’s powerful cloud and business technologies, creating a unique offering for clients.

Cloud & DevOps

A Symbiotic Relationship

DevOps and cloud computing have become two of the ways companies can achieve this needed transformation, though the relationship between the two is not easily reconciled. DevOps is about the process and process improvement, while cloud computing is about technology and services. Our experts work closely with your team to analyze and understand your business needs and suggest the most suitable cloud offering. Private or Public, On-Premise or Hybrid. This talented and highly-experienced team of cloud computing consultants and engineers are at your disposal. They cater to all the three major types of cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service. Our wealth of DevOps experience plays a crucial role in establishing of a smooth project-wide communication flow. This cooperation results in immediate identification and elimination of bottlenecks

Key Offerings

Cloud advisory and consulting

Proof-of-Concept (PoC)

Cloud migration and support

Audit and optimization

Deployment automation and orchestration

Continuous integration and continuous deployment

System quality automation

Code quality assurance

Environment management

Infrastructure provisioning

Key Benefits

  • Bring products to market faster through faster access to development environments and streamlined developer processes.
  • Automation and architecture as code reduce cloud complexity and even system maintenance.
  • Add high security with automated, repeatable processes that serve to eliminate inaccurate error and, even more importantly, develop security controls from the very beginning.
  • Reduce downtime through cloud-based continuous operations. Moreover, in the process of applying automation, developers can build stateless cloud
  • Application development, which increases availability and failover ability, in the process increasing business reliability and customer satisfaction and scalability.


In an always on world where customers are demanding, and business needs can’t wait, mobility is the lifeblood of digital enterprises. When you are fully mobile, you are faster, more efficient, and responsive to ever evolving market needs than your next-door competition.

Key Offerings


With a decade of experience in building advanced, custom-built solutions and helping customers become end-to-end connected and digitally smart workforces. We combine deep industry experience with cross-industry mobility experience to bring you solutions that facilitate business efficiency, seamless user engagement, and improved cost savings. Our team offers mobile app development services across a wide range of industries and platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows, while capitalizing on some of the best-known technological frameworks, including Java, React, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Angular, Apache Cordova, and Ionic among more.


CMS is mainly focused on the production and management of digital content, whereas a DXP is also focused on how, where and when that content is delivered.

Expertise in

CMS – WordPress, Drupal, Django

DXP Platforms : Sitecore and Adobe Experience Cloud

API & Microservices

End-to-End API Management for Seamless Exchange of Data across Cloud Services and Application

Today’s business innovators have mastered how to balance agility, cost, responsiveness, and security because they know how to manage APIs and microservices.Enterprises now expect to build reliable, critical applications using microservices. These changes create a need for far more integrated, automated and pervasive management for APIs and microservices. The new requirements for API and microservice management must address multicloud deployment, CI/CD nativity, ISTIO compatibility and more

Key Offerings

Enabling API-and-microservice-driven software development at scale

Deploying in multi-cloud

API lifecycle management- design, build, deploy, manage and maintain

Platforms Expertise

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development services offer a hybrid of both front and back end development. This means every aspect of your website or mobile application is handled by professionals with a knowledgeable background of the whole development process.

Key Offerings

Our expertise
Front End Technologies
React JS Vue JS, Angular JS, React Native, BootStrap, Ember JS

Cloud Technologies
AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Akamai and IBM Bluemix.

Backend Technologies
PHP, Java, ASP.NET and .NET Core, Python, Spring and Node.Js

Other stacks

Accelerate Your Transformation Roadmap