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We empower our customers to harness the potential of Generative AI to create intelligent systems that learn, adapt and evolve with their business needs. By leveraging advanced algorithms and ML, we optimize workflows and increase efficiency while prioritizing data security in model development and MLOps management. Our Gen AI solutions are tailored to serve our client’s unique needs and ensure lasting business impact.

With diverse industry exposure, we understand trends and real-world applications, boosting productivity and personalizing experiences across sectors like automotive, finance and logistics. With SRM Tech’s generative AI services, the possibilities are endless!


Of enterprises are planning to implement generative AI tools and platforms within the next year as per the PwC report.


Of professionals are already using Gen AI as per the Salesforce report, showcasing its early adoption across various departments.


Of business leaders believe Generative AI will play a significant role in driving future innovation says Gartner Report 2024.


Of organizations anticipate that generative AI will be transformative and improve their performance significantly.

Industries We Transform

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Gen AI Offerings

Streamline Workflows and Boost Productivity
With Our Generative AI Offerings

Customer Experience

Make your customer experience delightful with our Generative AI solutions. Our AI system analyzes vast amounts of customer data to predict preferences and provide actionable insights. With these insights, we empower businesses to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and create tailored solutions that deliver joyful experiences across all touchpoints, nurturing strong customer loyalty.

Chatbots and Virtual

Enhance your customer interactions and provide timely assistance with our Gen AI solutions. Our team specializes in developing chatbots and virtual assistants that offer natural, context-aware customer support. Built on advanced algorithms like intent recognition and dialog management, we ensure accurate understanding and real-time interpretation of customer queries for effective and prompt assistance.

High-quality Content Generation

Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually crafting visuals from text descriptions. Our creative Gen-AI solutions can effortlessly generate high-quality visuals tailored to your media-sensitive business demands, saving you time and resources. We develop sophisticated toolkits that assist your media teams in streamlining editing processes and producing professional-grade digital media assets.

Adaptive Learning

Embrace a new era of engaging and effective learning with our innovative GenAI Solutions. We automate assignment and exam evaluations with AI-driven grading systems, significantly saving time and effort. Our personalized tutoring creates customized learning plans tailored to each tutee’s learning progress. Redefine the learning management and experience through our hands-on and immersive training simulations.

Autonomous Vehicle

Ensure the safety and efficiency of self-driving vehicles with our sophisticated Gen AI accelerators. We optimize every stage, from design and virtual testing to refining in-vehicle navigation and decision-making, enhancing overall efficiency and reliability. Our solutions precisely map secure paths and provide real-time updates on road conditions, traffic patterns, and obstacles, pioneering safe and efficient autonomous driving.

Customer Operations

Experience seamless and efficient customer operations with our Generative AI solutions. By leveraging deep learning and neural networks, we automate tasks such as data entry, identity verification, and document processing, significantly reducing turnaround times. Our solution empowers industries with innovative capabilities to enhance efficiency, lower operational costs, and elevate the overall customer experience.

Gen AI Solutions

Empowering Brands to Drive Significant Results With Our Gen AI Solutions

Operational Efficiency

Automation of Routine Tasks

Automate routine tasks and empower your team to focus on your strategic initiatives with our Gen AI-driven automation tools. By leveraging Process Discovery, we automate real-time data processing for market analysis, portfolio optimization, and risk assessment, significantly enhancing your business efficiency. Our bespoke solutions integrated with RPA, streamline automation across business functions, bringing in growth and competitive advantage.

Data Processing

Transform your business operations into efficient, data-driven processes with our advanced Gen AI data processing solutions. We harness custom algorithms and neural networks for accurate data handling and strategic insights. Our bespoke deep learning models ensure accurate analysis of large datasets, empowering your team to make informed decisions that drive business success across your organizational processes.

Real-Time Insights and Predictive Analytics

We excel in providing real-time insights and predictive analytics. By continuously monitoring and analyzing market data, our AI models predict future market trends and potential risks with accuracy. This proactive approach helps businesses to stay ahead of market trends, optimize their investment strategies, and mitigate risks before they materialize.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Empower customer interactions with our Gen AI toolkits backed with ML and NLP to understand and address complex customer queries. Integrated seamlessly into your operations, our chatbot solutions analyze user input and context and deliver personalized, precise, and relevant responses. We facilitate conversational solutions focused on enhancing the user experience, optimizing customer engagement, and improving operational efficiency around the clock.

Personalized Advice Application

By utilizing Gen AI and advanced data analytics our personalized advice application goes beyond traditional advisory services. SRM Tech’s AI-driven approach allows for the aggregation and interpretation of vast amounts of data like user behavior, preferences, and historical interactions. This helps in generating contextually relevant and highly personalized recommendations.

Metaverse & Avatars

Revolutionize your digital presence with our Gen AI-powered Metaverse and Avatars solutions. We help you create immersive and interactive customer experiences by leveraging our combined AI, VR, and AR capabilities. Utilizing the metaverse, we offer virtual banking consultations, product demonstrations, and interactive customer support, which drive enhanced service delivery, brand loyalty, and significant business growth.

Data Analytics & Insights

Automated Data Analytics Tool

Empower your business with our advanced data analytics tool, automating key analysis-oriented tasks such as invoice processing, document analysis, compliance checks, report generation, and data entry. Utilizing Predictive AI, we transform data insights into decisive actions, enhancing efficient operational planning and unlocking your strategic business growth opportunities.

Investment Recommendations

Reshape your investment strategy and drive strategic portfolio growth with our Gen AI-powered Investment Recommendations engine. Using advanced algorithms and predictive analytics, we analyze market trends, investor profiles, and financial data to generate risk models, enabling effective identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks. Our approach delivers personalized investment insights tailored to align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Risk Management

Fraud Detection Solutions

Strengthen your financial security systems with our Gen AI-driven fraud detection solutions. We continuously monitor and analyze customer transactional data by employing anomaly detection algorithms to establish baseline behaviors and flag suspicious activities in real time. Our advanced pattern recognition and clustering techniques can even uncover sophisticated fraud schemes, providing robust protection for financial institutions.

DaaS (Decisioning as a Service)

Improve your business operations with our innovative DaaS platform. Employing advanced underwriting capabilities, we efficiently analyze applicant data and financial history to identify potential risk factors across multiple dimensions. Our platform ensures seamless compliance by proactively detecting red flags and providing remediation during customer account opening. Additionally, we enhance transaction monitoring with real-time analytics, safeguarding operational integrity and ensuring AML compliance.

Credit Scoring

Make your credit assessment systems more rational with our Gen AI-driven credit risk modeling tools. Harnessing a predictive analytics engine with fine-tuned domain-specific algorithms, we deliver accurate risk assessments and actionable insights into borrowers’ creditworthiness, empowering your institution with informed lending decisions and reducing risks while offering fairer loan terms to borrowers.

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