Our Role In Automotive Industry

Software Integration & Solution Engineering

Our Product Engineering Services start from Conceptualization, Development, Prototype, Launch, Manufacture and Distribution. We have expertise spans product ideation, hardware, firmware and middleware, application development, complemented by testing, validation, verification and product sustenance. Dedicated teams are at work delivering critical solutions for various OEMs & Tier 1 suppliers. Our experienced and talented engineers work across a wide range of Software Integration technology segments such as powertrains, body, interiors, infotainment, telematics, electronics, ADAS Systems (Vision-based, RADAR-based & LIDAR-based ) and mobility.

Focus As A Software Integrator

  • AGILE/RAPID Prototyping process followed for Development
  • AUTOSAR/MBD based scalable solutions
  • ASPICE/ISO 26262 based process adherence


  1. Legacy & Model base development
  2. Features Development & Upgradation
  3. Supplier S/W
  4. Component b/w
  5. ASW/BSW
  6. V&V Services
  7. Protocol Automation Solutions


  1. PMSM FOC based Speed control solution
  2. BMS solutions
  3. Control Algorithms & Systems
  4. Production Software Development using Matlab/ET

Body & Chassis/Powertrain

  1. Design/Dev/Diag.in Handcode /MBD
  2. Maintenance/support in Different Variants creation
  3. Expertise in Reuse/Reverse Engineering in ASM Legacy MBD

Diagnostics/ V&V

  1. NDS/UDS Standards Dev/ Code Production Solutions
  2. ISO compliance Protocol Automation Solutions
  3. Legacy/MBD/AUTOSAR source base Manual/AutoTest Data based unit testing
  4. Consultancy Services

Application Solutions-Tools

  1. Process/Procedure Automation Solutions
  2. Quality Compliance Check Tools Development
  3. Compilation/Cross. Platform/Report Creation/Docs Comparison Solutions
  4. 1000+ in-house tools developed

Our Embedded Advantage: Ideation to Execution

One Stop Complete Solution Provider

Full product life cycle services with domain-specific solutions in all aspects of engineer which include hardware, embedded, mechanical, software, and testing.

Product Launch and Acceleration

Enabling accelerated go-to-market for products for our customers in a time frame shortened by up to 35%. We work with the following industries:
OEM’s | After Market | Enterprises | ISVS

Cost Optimization

Business is not only about launching new successful products but also managing optimizing and reengineering existing portfolio or other products in the market. We impact product cost by value engineering and BOM optimization upto 35%.
Obsolescence management | Re-engineering | Quality of Software and devices.

New Technology Adaption

Mobility and Cloud have transformed the way enterprises access and consumer products and information. Similarly to gain product intelligence Social and Collaboration Apps with Analytics have given us more market intelligence and how consumers are using our products. Our CoEs work closely with our client to adapt and transform to the latest technologies and launch new and exciting products.

Experience – At A Glance

Robust Capabilities Backed By Proven Credentials


Compliance with AUTOSAR/ASPICE standards Expertise in Matlab SL/TL full cycle development

  • AUTOSAR ASW/BSW Modules, well versed in Systems and Communication Services in EV & ADAS
  • Legacy code and model-based algorithms with complete requirement traceability (for full product life cycle and whole SDLC)
  • Reuse Development/Functionality updation done to other variants from verified POC environment

Reverse Engineering

Model Code <> Legacy Source

  • Assembly > Source
  • Legacy Source – AUTOSAR Compliance

Verification & Validation

  • Com Protocols Test Automation Protocols CAN/LIN/Flexray/Ethernet execution confirmation as per ISO Standards
  • Diagnostics Confirmation for Engine/AT/ADAS Systems
  • Unit Testing Manual/Auto Test data/Testing confirmation with detailed Test procedures in compliance with ISO 26262/ASPICE standards
  • Expertise in Legacy/Autosar/MBD Full Source base System/Unit Testing – Partial/Fully Automated


Years Engagements with Leading OEM’s & Tier-1s


Embedded & Automotive experts with bilingual capability


Software Variants


Simulink Models per Year


Million LOC Code
Production & Back to Back Compatibility Confirmation, ET Verification


Onsite Engineers in USA and Japan


Years of Expertise in MBD, Legacy Development, Verification & Validation


AUTOSAR Development

  • EV – Battery Management System(BMS) – Dedicated team in Design/Validation as per current market needs
  • AD/ADAS-Design/Development based LDWS(Lane
    Departure Warning System), Traffic Sign Detection, Collision Avoidance system
  • Sensor Fusion adoption using Vision & Sonar based sensors
  • Over the Air Updates (OTA) for Predictive & Preventive Maintenance


  • Training & Certification in ISO 26262 & ASPICE Process – to enable teams deliver Quality throughput
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Training by Native Japanese, to make teams understand the culture, diversity & expectations of Japanese Industry

Development Facility

  • Well furnished Development Environment with up to date tools and trained professionals in Hardware/Firmware Design/Debugging involved in Latest Technology

Sector Benefits

Reduced Costs & Faster Productizations

Our Smarter Manufacturing Services will reduce turnaround time for faster time to market, Real-time information and analytics, Virtual Design Validation, Standardize existing processes for significant cost savings, Ensure first time right with digital engineering and Increase supply chain visibility for better collaboration. Our Digital Manufacturing services focus on improving the digital maturity of core manufacturing functions across product and asset life cycle management, operations management, system simulation, and industrial cybersecurity.

Help in implementing platform strategies

Drastically compressing the development schedule

Increasing part commonality

Our customers report high satisfaction levels on the most complex of activities thanks to our deep domain knowledge, global delivery capabilities and mature engineering best practices. Our services are adding value to the entire automotive value chain starting from Design, Engineering & Manufacturing.

Realize Ideas To Real Implementations Faster