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Our Role In Logistics

Engineering Solutions That Optimize Sector Operations

Logistics and supply chain network necessitates technological transformations. Efficient inventory management and warehousing solutions is the key for customers to make informed decisions. We provide optimal solutions to enhance the visibility, operational efficiency and performance of the supply chain domestically and internationally, foster collaboration and improve customer service. Whether you transport people or goods by land, sea, rail or air, you’ll work more efficiently, boost your competitive advantage and increase the bottom line.

Focus On Capabilities

Smart Logistics Services & Solutions

Digital Process Operations

Digital Transformation

Testing Assurance


Data Integration


Business Intelligence & analytics


Product Engineering Offerings

Applications To Analytics Solutions

Returns Management

Build solutions for returns tracking, updating merchant with returns status and refund processing of customer returns.

Route Planning and
Truck Scheduling Systems

Build custom route planning and truck scheduling systems including integration with mapping software, implementing scheduling algorithms and real-time messaging and communications on mobile devices.

Order and Pickup Analytics

Equip existing WMS / TMS systems with analytics based insight for understanding customer preferences for routing and scheduling and offer insights for making slots available to customers and route planning.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Integration to existing WMS with external systems to handle ongoing operational support and provide regular feature updates/enhancements.

Service Differentiators

Answering “Why Us?” With Focus On Credibility

  • Logistics expertise accumulated from providing solutions to SRM Group’s own logistics company
  • Spectrum of capabilities across route planning and truck scheduling systems, order and pickup, and returns management
  • Deep analytics expertise that offers business insights
  • Warehouse Management System expertise
  • Understand what it takes to build the next generation logistics platform

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