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Global Fragrance & Food Flavor Manufacturer

Global platform lays the foundation for unified operations

Business Goals

Implement a robust, scalable, extensible, ERP application for:

  • Centralized order management.
  • Effective utilization of perfumers for timely customer delivery.
  • Easily manageable perfume submission, validation and resubmission process.
  • Efficient raw material management and suggestions for fragrance making.


  • Architect, deploy and maintain full stack ERP application with global access.
  • Integrated, scalable and customizable solution comprising following modules:
    • Order management.
    • Perfumer allocation and tracking.
    • Perfume submission, validation and resubmission.
    • Raw material management.
      Approval matrix and workflows.


  • Visibility into global processes for superior resource management.
  • Improved productivity and profitability.
  • Reduced cycle times for faster delivery.