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Business Goals

  • Accelerate design and testing to fast-track software development life cycle.
  • To ensure the production code is as per Industry standard ISO26262.
  • To minimize the production errors and reduce cost


  • Design and Development is done using Model-based development methodology, instead of legacy hand-coding
  • Designing, generated code, and testing are executed with ISO26262 and Misra C standard
  • Phase wise internal check tools are used to arrest the defects and minimize the rework
  • The correctness of the generated code is ensured by doing 100% Coverage and Back to Backtest for Model vs Code
  • System Testing is done for the developed model


  • Effective and alternate development method instead of legacy hand-coding
  • The development cycle is faster with high quality
  • Manual review and rework effort is reduced

Development Model

Modified waterfall approach, to accommodate the parallel activities, feature based interim releases, changing & new requests.


Model based development using Matlab, m-scripts, Simulink, Targetlink, Embedded Tester, Nodex, Caldesk, Ramscope, ReproCAN

Resources & Effort

3 Persons
6MM/2 Months Schedule