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Enhance your Electric Vehicle offerings with our ecosystem of cutting-edge E-mobility solutions. We provide core EV solutions that help automotive brands and OEMs establish a strong footprint in sustainable mobility, secure stronger value propositions and deliver phenomenal e-vehicle experiences to their consumers.

Battery Management Systems

Amplify your EV performance and efficiency with dependable Battery Management Systems that lead to better ROI. Our modern BMS solutions with advanced algorithms ensure optimized battery health and performance by monitoring and managing essential vitals like state of charge, state of health, cell voltage and much more. We enable safer and more efficient battery operations for your EV, resulting in maximized drive range and battery longevity.

Inverter & Motor Control

Fine-tune your EV powertrain for improved real-time performance and efficiency with our extensive inverter control expertise. We develop advanced motor control algorithms for Motor Control Units (MCU), guaranteeing optimal energy utilization and reduced power loss. Bundle your EV offerings to the market with a smoother driving experience with the most sophisticated motor control systems.

Battery Simulation

Electrify your fleet with customized battery simulation solutions rooted in SRM Tech’s indigenous automotive engineering infrastructure and expertise. We help you assess battery performance, degradation, and thermal management and analyze how they behave for the proposed EV powertrain under different operating conditions. Our battery simulation solution also includes virtual testing and optimization, helping automotive brands and OEMs refine their battery systems efficiently.

Control Algorithms

Realize your unique and dynamic EV battery performance requirements and aspirations with our bespoke control algorithm frameworks. We assist EV players to scale and optimize EV battery system capabilities like fast charging, range optimization, thermal management and much more. Our control algorithms adhere to automotive functional safety standards to instill system integrity while seamlessly leveling up your battery system potential.

EV Plant Modeling

Engage with us to develop electric vehicle (EV) plant models and facilitate various control system development tasks, which are crucial in validating the control system’s functionality. We also provide invaluable assistance in migrating your custom plant models to specific plant models using industry-leading tools, ensuring seamless adaptability and testing processes.


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