Data – Ingestion to Insights

Extracting Value From Every Byte Of Data

Engineering Insights

Business Outcome: Emergence Of A Data Driven Enterprise

The evolution of an intelligent and insight-driven organization starts with orchestrating the structured and unstructured enterprise data deluge. SRM Tech helps you connect the dots within your business and third-party data, applying business context to extract maximum value, enabling you to become a Data Driven Enterprise.

Offerings Under The Journey


  • Reactive Reporting
  • Data Quality issues
  • Spreadmarts
  • Limited Cloud
  • Lacking coherent data architecture
  • Limited capabilities
  • No shared definitions or processes


  • Inconsistent data
  • Manual processes
  • Limited standards
  • Decentralized Analytics
  • Piecemeal data governance
  • Recognize business value
  • Reporting off sources systems
  • Some data consolidations


  • Data Sawy
  • Business alignment
  • Power users have expanded access
  • Beginning to trust data
  • Operational analytics
  • First form of DW or marts
  • Rigid model, not scalable
  • High maintenance costs
  • Slow processes


  • Migrating from ETL to ELT
  • Implementing Data Lake capabilities
  • Identified MDM approach
  • Dimensional modelling standards
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Self-service analytics
  • Al/ML capabilities
  • Thought leadership driven by data insights


  • Enterprise Data Lake
  • Data Governance by subject
  • Data as an Asset in financial statements
  • Data science as an asset
  • Ability to rapidly deploy tech platforms to solve specific business problems
  • Predictive and Prescriptive capabilities
  • Extensible data platform architecture
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate data and insights into new business lines,
  • policies and processes

Analytics Service Offerings

Covering All Waypoints To Maximize Data-driven Value

We’re looking into the entire cycle of how enterprise data can be efficiently leveraged and supporting with effective practices of data classification, organization, orchestration, and governance. To this end, our established partnerships with Databricks and Cloud service providers (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS), and the support of skilled and certified data engineering team are making all the difference.


  • ML Models, Analytical platforms, APIs, Tools, and Programming
  • Data Platform consulting
  • Data Exploratory Analysis
  • Insights Delivery and Analytical Modelling
  • MLOps


  • Define KPI's and deliver meaningful insights through advanced data visualization
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • BI Rationalization
  • Intelligent Reports and Realtime Dashboards
  • Advanced data Visualization


  • Data Validation
  • Data Quality and Clean up
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Cataloguing and metadata management
  • Data Democratization
  • Data Security & Privacy management


  • Modernize Data Platforms in line with market requirements lower cost of operations
  • Data Integration (Big Data Integration)
  • E2E data pipeline automation
  • Data warehouse and Data lake build on cloud
  • Data Migration to Cloud

Our Approach

Leveraging A Unified Analytics Platform From Ingestion To Insights

Meausure and optimize your business at a granular level. Our ecosystem of platforms and products includes proprietary data solutions, as well as those from our partners.

Backed by our extensive data expertise, experience, and delivery at scale, we provide differentiated services that unlock the value of your data.

Data To Decisions – Let’s Engineer The Route