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We take care of your product assembly and operations – the cornerstone of your product manufacturing lifecycle. Assemble your components into high-quality products with our reliable and cost-effective product assembly infrastructure and capabilities, from prototype manufacturing to full-scale manufacturing, product testing, and product distribution. Our hybrid assembly lines are equipped with skilled professionals and automation systems to meet your production goals regardless of the product’s complexity, variants and volume.

System Level Assembly

Experience precision system-level assembly services that ensure your electronic systems and components come together flawlessly for better functionality and optimal performance of your end product. Our assembly operations firmly adhere to design-led manufacturing principles, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective box build and turnkey assemblies. We specialize in scalable product assembly lines that can extensively accommodate your unique product specifications.

Sub-Level Product Assembly

Explore substantial sub-level product assembly services that can effectively minimize your intricate product assembly challenges. We assemble your sub-level systems with utmost attention to detail and precision, from complex electronic sub-assemblies to mechanical components. We facilitate dedicated sub-level assembly lines catering to mandatory specifications for assembling highly specialized components, helping you realize a better total cost of ownership in manufacturing.

Product Assembly Testing

Utilize our robust and integrated quality control systems, ensuring every product coming off the assembly line meets precise specifications and the highest quality standards. We rigorously test your electronic and mechanical sub-systems to verify whether your assembly integrations operate as intended to deliver expected functionalities and performance. We also offer specialized testing solutions for specific standards and regulations applicable to your domain niche.

Packaging & Shipments

Leverage our custom packaging and shipment services, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of your finished products. We even offer smart and integrated packaging solutions empowered by QR, RFID, or NFC technologies, providing instant information and enabling real-time tracking and monitoring. Our sustainability-focused packaging practices prioritize the usage of recyclable materials and minimize wastage. We also offer efficient logistics services, guaranteeing timely and reliable delivery of your products to the market.

Warehousing, Order Fulfilment & Traceability

Streamline your supply chain with our comprehensive services, ensuring hassle-free product storage and effective order fulfillment. We provide sophisticated warehouse and inventory facilities with automated storage and retrieval systems, resulting in optimal storage utilization and reduced inventory costs. Our efficient order fulfillment system guarantees timely product delivery backed with advanced tracking and traceability features, ensuring improved transparency and enhanced customer satisfaction.


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