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Productizing Devices To Digital Solutions

Product Engineering and LifeCycle Services

End To End PDLC Partner – Design To Manufacturing

At SRM, product engineering is our forte. We have teams of specialists that can assist you in every step of your product development journey – starting with design & prototyping to VLSI, software, hardware, quality, value and manufacturing engineering.


  • Hardware
  • Embedded Systems and Software
  • Mechanical & Industrial Design
  • Concept to Production


  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Mobility
  • Big Data Analytics
  • lot & Connected Solutions
  • Al & ML
  • Remote Device Management
  • RPA


  • Verification & Validation Services
  • Product Testing & Certification
  • Mobile & Web Testing
  • Device to Cloud QA Automation


  • Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Product miniaturization
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Legacy equipment upgrade


  • New/Refresh Products
  • PCB Assembly
  • Machining
  • Electro-Mechanical Integration
  • Injection Mold Plastics
  • Cable & Wire Harness

Device Engineering

We work as co-development partner for many product companies, across multiple industry verticals, requiring custom services in embedded systems development.

Hardware Design

  • Extensive expertise with 32bit, 16 bit and 8 bit Microcontrollers and
    Microprocessors with Single, Dual or Quad Cores.
  • Design & Prototyping
  • Digital Circuits
  • DSP Circuits
  • Analog Circuits
  • Mixed Circuits
  • RF Circuits
  • Board Development up to 16 Layers
  • Hardware Engineering Targeted at
  • Compliance
  • Certifications
  • Value Engineering
  • Re-Engineering & Obsolescence Management

Embedded Systems and Software

  • Development Services
  • Device Drivers
  • Boards Support Packages (BSP)
  • OS Development & Porting / Migration
  • RTOS Implementation
  • Protocol Stacks Implementation
  • Application firmware & Middleware
  • Custom Protocol Development
  • Diagnostics Software
  • Languages – C, C++, Java & Assembly
  • Operating Systems – Linux, uCLinux, FreeRTOS,
    Android etc.,
  • IDEs – Keil, MPLAB, ST Raisonance, Code Composer, Kinetic, IAR, Silab
  • Processor Platforms – ARM, PIC, SH/RH Series,
  • GUI/ Application software development

Mechanical & Industrial Design

    Material Selection | Part Modeling | Design Analysis | Detailing & Review Rapid Prototyping
    Tool Design | Tooling Process | Trial (0,1,2) | Sample Part | Inspection (0,1,2) | Tool Correction (0,1,2)
    Die Casting | Machining | Injection Moulding | Rubber Parts Manufacturing | Stamping | Plating & Coating | Heat Treating | Mechanical Assembly | Packing/Ceiling
    Hydraulic pressing | Interference fitting | Crimping | Sealant Application | Press fitting

Digital Engineering

With a continuous focus on customer experience and data-driven product enhancements, the need for digital transformation has expanded rapidly across organizations and will become the core of today’s successful businesses. Keeping this in mind, SRM has developed multiple IPs and solution accelerators in IoT, Machine learning, cloud enablement, test automation, and other areas to help our clients successfully implement their digital transformation plans.

Cloud & DevOps

With over 10+ years of IoT edge to cloud integration experience with large complexity and scale.

Key Offerings

Cloud Development

  • Cloud operations management
  • Cloud services integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Cost analysis and optimization
  • Security management

Cloud Operations

  • Cloud operations management
  • Cloud services integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Cloud security & DR
  • Cost analysis and optimization

DevOps Consulting

  • DevOps assessment
  • DevOps process transformation
  • Continuous integration, deployment and testing
  • Microservices

SaaS Ops

  • SaaS application/infrastructure monitoring
  • SLA management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup & Restore
  • NOC services
  • SaaS application / infrastructure security

Platforms, Tools and Technologies

IOT Solutions & Services

Our IoT Consulting Services ensures high availability, resilience, reliability, and scalability, and addresses all the key challenges in the IT-OT convergence, including security and interoperability challenges. Providing Robust, Reliable, Scalable, & Interoperable IoT Consulting Services

Edge to Cloud


Sensors, connectivity, M2M connectivity, edge analytics, and connectivity protocols such as BACnet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave.


Gateway framework loaded with Edge & Fog computing capabilities, as well as data processing.


Video management software, voice and image recognition, and message brokers.


Cloud Services – device shadowing (digital twins), device lifecycle management, and application enablement. eInfochips has also partnered with AWS and Microsoft Azure to provide reliable and robust Cloud IoT consulting Solutions.

Mobility Services

With 10+ years decade of experience integrating mobile apps with digital products with Expertise in multiple product variant integration and test automation with diverse mobile variants

Key Offerings

Mobile application development and testing

User experience/User interface designs

Performance optimization

Middleware media integration

Device & component integration

Platforms, tools and technologies


We are living in a cognitive era where systems can see, listen, respond, and learn from every interaction we make, and redefine the existing benchmarks in the digital space with the next wave of digital transformation solutions.

Key Offerings

SRM’s AI & ML offerings help organizations build highly-customized solutions running on advanced machine learning algorithms

  • Machine learning capabilities from edge to cloud
  • Expertise in frameworks like Caffe, Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, etc.
  • Expertise in hardware platforms like NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Texas Instrument, NXP, etc.
  • Dedicated engineers to design and build algorithms from scratch
  • Expertise in building solutions using open source libraries
  • Partnerships with cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, IBM Watson, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Partnerships with cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, IBM Watson, Google Cloud, etc.

Key Offerings

Machine Learning

Supervised /Semi-supervised/Unsupervised learning Anomaly Detection

Image Analytics

Face Analytics: Detection, Recognition, Demographics, & Expression Human Activity Recognition

Deep Learning

Driver Behaviour

Natural Language Processing

Conversational Interfaces / Chatbots

Big Data Analytics

We are witnessing a quantum leap in the data generated by devices, systems, and users in the current IoT world. The need to make sense of this vast volume of information for intelligent decision-making using big data analytics is increasingly becoming critical for the organizations to stay ahead of the competitive curve. In this scenario, it essential for organizations to combine the data coming from devices with the enterprise and consumer data to generate meaningful actionable business insights for informed decision-making.
We, provides a wide range of big data services across the entire data lifecycle, from data acquisition, ingestion, aggregation, storage, processing, visualization and analytics, helping companies to correlate their data transformation investments with revenues.

Key Offerings


  • Architecture
  • Production readiness
  • Performance tuning
  • Health check


  • Cloud SaaS for migration
  • Legacy + Open source technology expertise

Platform Builds

  • Concept to reality
  • Architecture definition
  • Tools & technology evaluations
  • Design to sustenance lifecycle ownership
  • Post-production support

Tools and Technologies

  • Data collection and aggregation – Microsoft SQL server Integration services, Kafka, Alteryx
  • Data storage and processing – MongoDB, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, AWS Redshift
  • Data visualization – Tableau, PowerBI, Jaspersoft, Amazon Quicksight

Remote Device Management

Remote Device Management platform has enabled our customers to enhance their application value by incorporating devices, delivering high service reliability, reducing operating cost, and maximizing device uptime. We have worked closely with clients and helped them achieve bulk operations on multiple devices simultaneously, enabling them to access and manage the health and status information of devices with alerts for failure and deactivation, diagnostics including connectivity status, firmware upgrades, and data/network/device-level security.

Key Offerings

Device Provisioning and Registration

  • Device discovery and connection
  • Device authentication

Device Monitoring

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote device monitoring and troubleshooting

Device Management

  • Secure device data transfer to cloud
  • Update/reload firmware-OTA
  • Device configuration

Device Updates & Diagnostics

  • Secure software updates
  • Remote feature enhancements/bug fixing

Quality Engineering

Comprehensive quality engineering solutions at every stage of your product lifecycle, ensuring bringing up best-in-class products to the market.

Product Testing Services

End to end Hardware, Firmware, Software Testing and Automation

Key Offerings

  • Hardware, firmware, software testing
  • Product variant testing
  • Audio/Video – Multimedia testing
  • API/SDK Testing
  • Black-box testing, White-box testing
  • Mobile app integration, usability, compatibility, performance, stress testing
  • Android Testing – GMS certification
  • Functional, non-functional, Regression testing
  • Voice assistants integration testing – Alexa, Google Home etc.

IoT Testing Services

Offers holistic testing services, from edge to cloud, comprising of multiple devices/sensors, connectivity, cloud and multi interface applications.

Key Offerings

  • Edge virtualization
  • Edge UI automation
  • IoT product functionality testing
  • Peripheral certification testing
  • Edge to cloud connectivity
  • Interoperability testing
  • Connected Web/mobile testing
  • API testing
  • Partner cloud integration testing

Mobile and Web Testing

Over a decade of experience in mobile and web integration testing with connected products

Key Offerings

  • Web and mobile test automation
  • UX/UI testing
  • Performance engineering
  • Functional/non functional testing
  • Web/mobile Product integration testing
  • Vulnerability/security testing
  • Snapbricks test automation Frameworks – Web and mobile
  • Usability testing
  • Variant testing
  • Stress testing
  • Regression testing

Tools/technologies expertise :
Selenium, Appium, Python, pytest, Robotium, JMeter, LoadRunner, Xamarin Test Cloud

Device-to-Cloud QA & Test Automation Services

Quality Assurance solutions for hardware, software, device, connectivity, and cloud

Key Offerings

  • Test automation assessment and implementation
  • Test automation tools and technology stack evaluation and consulting services
  • Test automation frameworks – AI/Voice, web and mobile apps, IoT, DevOps
  • Mobile and web app testing and automation solutions
  • Product and software test automation
  • DevOps and agile testing
  • Software development engineer in test (SDET)
  • Sensor to cloud IoT test automation
  • Edge virtualization
  • API test automation

Holistic Test Automation
covering hardware, device, connectivity, cloud and application

Test environment automation, robotic automation, sensor virtualization

Intelligent QA Test Automation Approach
Data driven DevOps impacting business, engineering metrics

10+ Reusable QA Assets
across IoT, digital, Alexa, cloud and DevOps

Value Engineering

There is a continuous demand to reduce the product development cost to stay competitive in the market. At SRM we harness our domain expertise to help organization achieve cost reduction of products and create sustainable value for its customer through our Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE) services.

Key Offerings

Weight Reduction

Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning

Material Testing

Competitive Benchmarking

Cross Pollination Technology Study

3D Cost Reduction and Value Enhancement

Costing and Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Management

The need for end-to-end visibility, instant responses, and immediate availability is changing business models and is challenging existing supply chains to do more than simply keep up. For mid and large-sized enterprises, spreadsheets and other traditional applications can no longer do the job.
Today’s digital economy demands a new approach to manage the entire supply chain ecosystem — a solution that leverages the cloud, real-time connectivity, and advanced analytics. SRM Digital Supply Chain solutions enable the best strategies, innovation, and design throughout the supply chain, delivering superior financial performance and customer experience.

SRM IDSC solutions include

A supply chain decision support solution that provides unmatched visibility, instant collaboration, and risk management across the entire supply chain

Effective procurement strategies from guidance and support to quoting and sourcing

Transformative supply chain solutions from coaching and consulting to full ownership of fundamental supply chain processes

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