Women In Tech:India

A Techpact Series, sponsored by Srm Tech

For the first time in India, TechPACT is hosting a series of industry talks and webinars around ‘Women in Tech: India’, sponsored by SRM Technologies.

The TechPACT, founded by a group of CIOs and technology leaders, is a community that is leading the charge for inclusion and equity in the technology industry. This exclusive four-part virtual event series with eminent speakers aims to promote diversity in the workplace and empower women with the right support, opportunities, knowledge resources and mentorship.

Join us as we discuss the key strategies, challenges, and opportunities that can enable young women and professionals aspiring to be tech leaders, to succeed in their careers.

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Proven Tips to succeed in today’s Corporate World

The dynamics of the corporate world has largely evolved over the past few decades and more so, due to the pandemic.

Transitioning from student to work life or moving up the corporate ladder in one’s early career requires ‘thinking ahead’ and understanding the industry needs.

Listen to Kishore Gundala, a seasoned IT Leader and Career Coach share tips on how to prepare oneself for a growth-oriented and impactful corporate journey. For this discussion, we will also be drawing inspiration from ‘Marco’, the ambitious protagonist in the book, ‘The Nicest Folks on the Top Floor’ written by Kishore Gundala and co-authored by Graham Dixon.

October 6th, 2021
5:30 – 6:30 PM IST



Kishore Gundala

Kishore Gundala

IT Leader, Author and Filmmaker

Krithika Ramani

Krithika Ramani

Head – Digital & Brand Communications at SRM Tech

October 06th, 2021


300 People




About The Organizers

We are a group of CIOs, IT leaders and professionals that have the expertise and experience to make a difference when it comes to equality and opportunities in the workplace for everyone.

Our focus is not only to instill equity and access to technology opportunities, but also to provide mentorship and coaching to young technologists as they look to advance their careers.

A leading provider of next-generation consulting, digital transformation, technology and product engineering services.

With over two decades of experience, we empower enterprises to differentiate, accelerate next-gen solution development and compete in today’s digital economy by leveraging the right methodologies, service delivery framework and top talent.

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Proven Tips to succeed in today's Corporate World

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