The 4E Framework

Agile Engineering At Our Core

Explore our ‘4E Framework’ and how it anchors everything we deliver, reflecting our philosophy and belief – ‘ideas@work’. By putting these ideas to practice, we provide business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, hybrid teams, and our global delivery model through our differentiated approach.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Empower Automation

Enhance MVP Streak

Envision Agile Pods

Eliminate Inefficiencies

A Think-first Approach To Remove Process Gaps

Fewer than 44% of professionals are able to find the right information at the right time in enterprise systems.

Data and process silos across every major organization, with data redundancies and duplication of work following up.

About 70% of professionals transition between enterprise apps – more than 10 times within an hour.

Our approach enables to remove such process inefficiencies, allowing businesses to gear up for the future by leveraging Cloud, Process Automation and Insights-driven Decisions.

Empower Automation

AI-driven Framework Streamlining Operations

An in-house automation platform enables you to guide end-users and customers to manage repetitive tasks with self-service automation, AI-driven assistance in operations, and a shift-left strategy. This way, the outcome is empowered employees with better productivity and customers enjoying better experiences.


Reduced operational expenditure with fewer errors and improved productivity

End-to-end visibility of the health and performance of assets and simplified operations

Faster resolution of mundane tasks and better experience delivery to end-users

Enhance MVP Streak

Ideas To Product ROI – One Sprint To Success

We engage into a single sprint, right from the inception of a solution idea to its validation and transforming the minimum viable product for better ROI generation. It’s a 90-day streak leveraging a digital transformation blueprint that enhances the value created by your products.

Envision Agile Pods

Global Delivery Model To Serve On The Solution

Our structured engagement practice follows assigning of Pods that interact, bridge the gap between expectations & business objectives, and engineers solutions under an agile and iterative approach for faster time to market.

Structuring Engagement Pods

Every engagement begins with a framework customized to client needs and follows an agile development and delivery methodology.

Autonomous Operation Mods

Autonomy for teams to think outside the box, innovate and drive results validated by experts- accelerating projects and ensuring quality outcomes.

Rapid Prototyping

Agile prototyping of solutions for development aiming a first pass approach and seamless DevOps deployment at client environment.

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