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Experience comprehensive design-led manufacturing solutions for unique applications for diverse industries. With proven multi-disciplinary expertise and robust infrastructure competencies, SRM Tech delivers a holistic range of services that covers the entire electromechanical product lifecycle, guaranteeing better performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Discover the seamless integration of the electronics and mechanical ecosystem to unlock new possibilities.

Electronics Hardware Design & Validation

Get custom electronic components tailored to the specific goals of your electromechanical applications with our electronic hardware design services. Be at an advantage with our multiple testing and validation practices, ensuring your electronic systems meet the functional requirements while affirming their durability and long-term performance. We also verify and ensure that your electronic hardware designs comply with relevant standards and certifications.

Enclosure Design & Validation

Unlock the benefits of our enclosure design and validation services, where we build with appropriate materials to protect your electromechanical systems based on your specifications and industry standards. Our enclosure designs undergo rigorous simulation tests and validation processes to guarantee optimal structural integrity, thermal management and electromagnetic compatibility. We also ensure the enclosure cabins meet the desired IP rating standards towards the environmental factors.


Make use of our modern prototyping solutions to translate your ideas into functional and feasible electromechanical systems, components, and devices. From conceptualization and PCB layout to assembly and documentation, we serve you across the prototyping lifecycle to thoroughly understand and validate your concept. Our extensive experience in prototype design, fabrication and development can refine and optimize your electromechanical concepts, whether they be for medical, aeronautical, or industrial applications.

Molding & Fabrication

Trust our robust molding and fabrication solutions for your electromechanical devices and components. We offer large-scale injection molding solutions with a material composition of sustainable polycarbonates and ABS for enclosures. Our die-casting and metal fabrication enables you to develop high-precision metal components to assemble your mechanical systems efficiently. We provide versatility in designing and manufacturing intricate parts, focusing on exceptional strength and durability for various applications.

Wire Harness & Cable Assembly

Streamline and organize your electrical wire systems with high-quality, cost-effective wire harnessing services. For more robust and physically enduring systems, leverage our cable assembly solutions for enhanced protection of your interior wires and cables in the systems operating under demanding environments. Our utilization of heavy-duty materials and best practices in wire harnessing and cable assembly ensure uninterrupted connectivity for your electro-mechanical applications.

Box Build & Integrations

Explore our expert box build and integration services that simplify the assembly and integration of your complex electromechanical systems. We excel in bringing together diverse components, from electronics to mechanical elements, ensuring they work in harmony to meet your functional and performance requirements. Our box-build solutions guarantee efficient assembly, testing, and integration of components into a cohesive, reliable system for your domain-specific needs.

Product Testing & Certification

Sign-up for our extensive testing and certification consulting services to ensure that your electromechanical devices meet functional requirements, relevant industry standards and regulatory compliances. We develop customized test plans and procedures to navigate your systems towards unique performance and safety benchmarks, providing you with confidence in the quality and reliability of your electromechanical components and systems. Our proven consulting expertise facilitates a smooth and efficient certification process for your product portfolio.


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