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Rely on our advanced automotive cybersecurity solutions to ensure that every aspect of your vehicle’s software and firmware is resilient against cyber threats. Leverage our robust automotive system security testing, monitoring and analysis offerings, which are well-curated to manifest secure and compliance-ready control systems in your vehicles.

Security Testing

Evaluate and benchmark your automotive system’s resilience against modern cyber threats with our automotive security testing services. We conduct rigorous Fuzz Testing to evaluate in-vehicle networks and communications systems and Penetration Testing to validate and uncover vulnerabilities to assess their impact and severity. SRM Tech’s automotive security prowess aims to boost your cyber confidence in the connected and autonomous mobility space.

Process Compliance

Maneuver every stage of your automotive product development, complying with ISO/SAE 21434 automotive cybersecurity standards. We help you instill a standard automotive cybersecurity framework of roles, processes and guidelines that enhance your overall approach to developing safe and secured automotive systems. Leverage our consulting expertise to ensure regulatory compliance and deliver systems with heightened integrity.

Control Unit Security

Unlock the advantages of our comprehensive security assessment solutions that identify and assess potential threats and vulnerabilities in ECU’s hardware, software, and communication interfaces. We help develop and deploy secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware update mechanisms to ensure that ECUs can receive timely security updates and patches to eliminate vulnerabilities. With us, ensure passenger and road safety by safeguarding the ECUs from cyber-attacks.

Data Management & Monitoring

Discover our bespoke-connected vehicle monitoring solutions for automotive OEMs and Tier 1s to have real-time surveillance over the vehicle ecosystem. Our security monitoring solutions span the vehicle’s IT, OT, IoT and digital systems and detect any anomalies that could indicate a potential security breach. We help you to fortify your automotive systems with comprehensive insights and rapid response capabilities, ensuring vehicle safety and data integrity.

Security Analysis

Integrate connected and autonomous vehicle functionalities into your vehicle while keeping the associated threats and risks at bay. We assist you in practicing Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) across your product development lifecycle, analyze for threats at every stage, and deliver highly secured products to the market. Go beyond the typical security measures and protect your automotive innovations with us.



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