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The electronics industry is undergoing a remarkable evolution with technological advancements, automation, and sustainability practices. At SRM Tech, our expertise and infrastructure are dedicated to elevating your electronics offerings solutions, ensuring quality, reliability, and success in the marketplace. We offer a broad spectrum of comprehensive electronics services, from PCB design and manufacturing to testing, validation and assembly, providing end-to-end solutions for diverse industry needs.

Hardware Design

Experience unparalleled electronics hardware design excellence for your electronics products. We design the overall architecture for your electronic products, encompassing schematics, layout, BOM, and Gerber files. Our hardware designing expertise guides you with advanced components and methodologies to optimize the design for cost-effectiveness without compromising performance.


Accelerate your electronic product development cycle and bring your electronic designs to life with quick turn-around times, thanks to our rapid prototyping services. Our prototyping solutions are focused on refining the initial concepts into functional prototypes and optimising the final product design for performance and mass production. Begin and experience your seamless journey from ideation to prototyping with us.

PCB Fabrication and Assembly (SMT & THD)

Deliver electronics products to the market with ultimate precision and efficiency with our robust PCB fabrication and assembly services. We provide customized PCB fabrication solutions, from initial market testing to specialized applications for diverse industries. Leverage our state-of-the-art facility for seamless Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-Hole (THD) assembly, providing high accuracy and speed while meeting the highest industry standards.

Testing & Validation

Extensive electronics testing and validation services cover everything, from performance testing and compliance testing to EMI/EMC testing. Our dedicated testing and validation teams oversee critical tests, including PCB-level diagnostic tests, certification services and failure analysis to pinpoint and rectify potential firmware failures and design glitches. We ensure your electronics product meets and exceeds user performance requirements, eliminating the risk of market failure.


Explore our comprehensive electronics manufacturing services that help you reduce the total cost of ownership and preempt manufacturing challenges. We offer turnkey manufacturing solutions for electronic products, covering value engineering, prototyping, fabrication, and assembly builds. Utilize our custom electronic manufacturing ecosystem that effectively addresses your demands in terms of volume, complexity, and industry standards.

Test Fixtures Development

Test fixture design & development services with complete sub-assemblies that empower you to evaluate your designs thoroughly. Our expert team thoroughly reviews your product design and manufacturing process to pinpoint the most effective in-process testing points and offers flexible design fixture solutions that can accommodate a broader range of your product variants. Employ our robust test fixture design & development services to elevate the quality assurance standards of your electronic products.


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