A key sector currently experiencing a profound transformation driven by unprecedented technological advancements. With breakthroughs in technology, data, and machine learning, biotech and healthcare organizations are optimizing operations, improving patient outcomes, and expediting processes such as drug discovery, development, testing, and the entire lifecycle management. The key drivers of this transformational demand are staying competitive, adhering to evolving customer expectations, leveraging the surge in data generation, and the critical business necessity to streamline processes and reduce costs.

In addressing the needs of our Life Sciences and Healthcare customers, we recognize and support the challenges they confront, spanning data privacy, interoperability, compliance, and the intricate web of legacy systems that may impede intended innovation, agility, and overall business growth.

Our Role in Life Sciences and Healthcare

Powering Your Vision with Connected, Collaborative & Intelligent Digital Solutions

Focus On Capabilities

Infusing the much-needed technology optimization

We provide niche technology, supply chain solutions and managed IT services around

  • IT Infrastructure Optimization & Management
  • IT Project Management & Consulting
  • Product / Platform Implementation and Services
  • Product/ Platform Engineering, Development & Modernization
  • Data Management, Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing & Storage
  • Business Process Support
  • QA & Validation
  • Medical Devices Manufacturing

How can we help?

We seamlessly weave digital transformation into your business strategy, driving results and creating a more intelligent, agile, high-performing enterprise.

We unlock your potential for credible, value-driven health outcomes through connected and collaborative digital experiences that empower bionic stakeholders to foster innovation and swift decision-making from anywhere.

We improve data efficiency through remote monitoring accelerators and wireframes. Designed for patients with acute conditions, our web application ensures continuous monitoring, collecting and correlating data to derive meaningful insights. By notifying and alerting healthcare professionals promptly, we enhance provider efficiency, ensuring patients receive timely and superior care.

Elevating Healthcare Excellence Using Digital

As Life sciences companies face the urgent need to innovate to improve patient outcomes while increasing the speed to market, managing costs, and navigating regulatory demands, our digital services emerge as the catalyst propelling this transformative journey to new heights.

Key Offerings

Diverse Capabilities in Technology, Research and Manufacturing

Life Sciences
Embracing new ideas for rapid advancements in discovery, research, development, PV, manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, commercialization of products and healthcare solutions.
Leveraging digital innovation for operational efficiency for Providers, Payers, patient-focused experiences and telemedicine expansion.
Medical Devices
Designing and manufacturing health devices with advancements like IoT-enabled wearables, digital health solutions, AI-powered diagnostics, and advanced monitoring solutions.

SRM Centre for Clinical Trials and Research (SRM – CCTR)
has been approved by the Indian Council for Medical Research

SRM – CCTR has been recently selected to conduct Phase I clinical trials by the ICMR, which began the evaluation process in mid-2022 to identify establishments with the requisite infrastructure, capabilities, experience, manpower and other resources to set up Phase 1 clinical trial infrastructure as part of its endeavour to promote and support drug discovery and development.

We are the only private establishment to be approved amidst numerous institutions participating in the process. The setting up of Phase 1 is important as it is the stage where drugs are tested for their safety, and a safe dose is selected for the next phase of development.

Explore our Cloud-based Hospital Information System (HIS) Modernizing Patient Care

Streamline your end-to-end hospital operations and transform your healthcare service delivery for excellence with our comprehensive SaaS solution. A scalable and compliant digital healthcare suite that effectively negates many of your operational challenges, optimizes resource productivity, and scales up your healthcare performance. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and domain expertise in healthcare digitalization, our SaaS solution covers every aspect of the patient care journey, from appointment scheduling to TPA management – aimed at reshaping and optimizing your healthcare value chain.

Discover our Design to Manufacturing Solutions For Healthcare Devices and Wearables

Embedded 360 Inc, a subsidiary of SRM Tech specialises in designing and manufacturing components for various segments including medical electronics and healthcare wearables. We seamlessly integrate advanced technologies, including IoT, AI, and biosensors, to create innovative solutions that redefine patient care and ease the operational strain of healthcare providers. Our focus on reliability, accuracy, and user-centric design ensures our products not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of the medical landscape, from diagnostic devices to personalised wearables and trackers.

  • Health Monitors
  • BLE Trackers
  • Smart Accessories
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • UVC Sterilizer Oven
  • IR Thermometer
  • Single Board Computer
  • Medical Grade Power Supplies
  • Hardware & Firmware Design
  • PCBA Manufacturing
  • Box Build Assembly
  • Certification – FCC, CE, UL, FDA, etc.

Transform Your Health Tech Practice With Smart Solutions