The remarkable advancements in automotive engineering and software systems are driving the entire automotive ecosystem to new benchmarks in performance, efficiency, experience, and environmental sustainability. SRM Tech, as a trusted technology and engineering partner, fosters automobile manufacturers and OEMs in crafting the most reliable and competitive automotive offerings in the market while meeting industrial standards. Our automotive-focused offerings span a broad spectrum of engineering and digital solutions for traditional, electric, and software-defined vehicles.

In-Vehicle Software Solutions

Discover our industry-leading, In-vehicle software solutions covering development, automation, testing and continuous delivery to maximize real-time performance and efficiency for your vehicles. Our proven expertise in 20 years of automotive-embedded engineering facilitates automotive OEMs to deliver vehicles that keep pace with market demands and elevate end-user experience.

  • ECU SW Development
  • Legacy Hand Coding
  • MBD Development
  • Verification & Validation
  • Test Automation
  • Onboard Diagnostics
  • HILS Commissioning
  • Process Automation
  • CI/CD

AUTOSAR Solutions

Build reliable and standardized automotive software platforms that offer seamless scalability, integration, and flexibility. As an AUTOSAR partner, our experienced solution experts possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in AUTOSAR standards & methodologies to facilitate safer and future-ready automotive software systems. Embark on a journey with us to understand and leverage our AUTOSAR framework expertise for advanced vehicle systems development.

  • AUTOSAR Classic
  • AUTOSAR Adaptive
  • BSW Configuration & Integration
  • Migration & Maintenance
  • Application Software Development

EV Solutions

Enhance your Electric Vehicle offerings with our ecosystem of cutting-edge E-mobility solutions. We provide core EV solutions that help automotive brands and OEMs establish a strong footprint in sustainable mobility, secure stronger value propositions and deliver phenomenal e-vehicle experiences to their consumers.

  • Battery Management Systems
  • Inverter & Motor Control
  • Battery Simulation
  • Control Algorithms
  • EV Plant Modeling

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

Elevate your automotive finesse by offering your customers a safe and comfortable driving experience through our comprehensive Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) solutions. Integrated with cutting-edge technologies and expertise, our ADAS solution combines sensors, intelligent algorithms, and real-time data processing for complete driving assistance functionalities. Our skilled professionals ensure seamless development, verification, and testing of ADAS modules and commit to driving innovation and efficiency for your automotive business, achieving dependable and superior performance.

  • Software Integration for ADAS (AUTOSAR)
  • System Testing Solutions
  • Automation Framework
  • Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment (HARA)
  • ISO 26262 Compliance

Connected Vehicles

Transform your traditional vehicle offerings seamlessly into a Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) with our advanced Connected Vehicle Technology (CVT) capabilities. We enable your vehicle to deliver a personalized, enhanced commuting experience backed by advanced real-time data-driven solutions. With us, unlock the full potential of your connected vehicle offerings and improve your market competitiveness.

  • Automotive OTA
  • Navigation & Mapping
  • Telematics
  • In-cabin Monitoring
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Digital Key
  • In-vehicle Infotainment

Automotive Cybersecurity

Rely on our advanced automotive cybersecurity solutions to ensure that every aspect of your vehicle’s software and firmware is resilient against cyber threats. Leverage our robust automotive system security testing, monitoring and analysis offerings, which are well-curated to manifest secure and compliance-ready control systems in your vehicles.

  • Security Testing
  • Process Compliance
  • Control Unit Security
  • Data Management & Monitoring
  • Security Analysis


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