Our Role in Education

Architecting Solutions & Innovative Delivery Models

The focus on improving the efficiency of the services and quality of learning outcomes often brings new opportunities and challenges for administrators in leveraging innovation and technology and enhancing end-user engagement.

We excel at helping educational institutions build interactive teaching platforms, streamline administrative tasks, satisfy stakeholders’ expectations and revolutionize how they connect, teach and inspire.

Focus On Capabilities

Digitization Of Education Touchpoints

We help Universities appeal to the digital native generation, namely their students. By deploying dynamic learning platforms and study modules with gamified elements and interactive content, institutions can captivate their audience to take charge of their learning and promote self-directed exploration and problem-solving beyond the traditional classroom model.

Digitization of your Education Needs

From moving classes online to moving labs online, our strength lies in creating the right infrastructure from networks to cloud services to bespoke applications. Our expertise ranges from rolling out remotely managed digital tools in the classroom to moving classroom digital through rollout of video conferencing, remote proctoring and overall scheduling and management of classes.

Strengthening University Administration

We provide the right kind of technology transformation to improve university administration. We understand that providing administrators with cutting edge tools can help shape the perception of the university in terms of being able to service students needs. Our expertise in managing student information in a secure manner and providing great UI/UX to manage them makes us unique in strengthening University administration.

ERP Implementation and Rollout

We have deep expertise in rolling out ERP solutions that are bespoke to Universities. We have the ability to adopt it at scale – over 50,0000 students and multiple disciplines – Engineering, Medicine, Arts and social science streams. With 7 campuses and over 3600 faculty members, we have ERP development and rollout expertise at scale for one of the largest universities in India.

IT Infrastructure Management and Optimization

We have the expertise and knowledge to setup and operate a multi-tier datacenter and network infrastructure for global universities. Our experience spans campus networking to data centers and creation of custom compute labs for high performance computing research. With our experience in rolling out in the classroom digital services through a plethora of devices such as smart boards, wireless projectors, content studios for digital content creation and dissemination, we bring the breadth of offerings unique to the educational domain.

Key Offerings

A Wide Range Of Services & Solutions

Digital Transformation

Academic Technology Services

On/Off Classroom Learning Models

Virtual Mentorship Model

Qualitative and Quantitative Learning Models

Effective Student Lifecycle Management & Experience

Custom URP Solutions

Thought Leadership – Collaboration.

Managed IT Services – Educational Institutions

Service Differentiators

Answering “Why Us?” With Focus On Credibility

  • Focus on providing a secure, connected campus to attract and engage students
  • Building Digital classroom instruction and online applications for superior learning outcomes
  • Providing massive computing power to drive cutting-edge research
  • Unique perspective in enabling design the future of campus experience

Reimagine Education Delivery For A Better Tomorrow