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Transform your traditional vehicle offerings seamlessly into a Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) with our advanced Connected Vehicle Technology (CVT) capabilities. We enable your vehicle to deliver a personalized, enhanced commuting experience backed by advanced real-time data-driven solutions. With us, unlock the full potential of your connected vehicle offerings and improve your market competitiveness.

Automotive OTA

Enforce your SDVs with optimal performance and reliability anywhere with on-time automotive OTA updates. With our solid automotive development expertise and frameworks, you can refine and scale your automotive software and firmware systems by pushing out crucial and timely system updates. With every update, we help your SDVs become more intelligent and secure, ultimately ensuring an unparalleled driving experience.

Navigation & Mapping

Provide a hassle-free and high-response road navigation experience to vehicle buyers. We prioritize delivering modern and intuitive GPS navigation systems by incorporating voice-based commands and seamless smart device integrations. Our advanced mapping and navigation solutions ensure real-time traffic updates, precise mapping, and intelligent route optimization, guaranteeing your customers an efficient and pleasant navigation experience.


Govern and manage your vehicle fleet comprehensively with sophisticated wireless vehicle telematics systems. We make everything about remote fleet management more accessible, from vehicle tracking, real-time analytics and reporting to TCU Firmware OTA (FOTA) updates. Experience custom cloud-based telematics solutions to surveil much-needed vehicle information to build connected vehicle intelligence.

In-Cabin Monitoring

Enhance the safety and well-being of your vehicle passengers with AI-powered in-cabin monitoring solutions. We develop custom Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) to analyze driver behaviors in real-time for potential distractions and anomalies, delivering precaution alerts. Our innovative solutions are poised to add value to your vision of providing your customers with a convenient and risk-free journey.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Harness the capabilities of our exclusively developed intelligent vehicle diagnostics to garner real-time insights into your vehicle’s health and performance. We offer on-board diagnostic software systems integrating with your ECUs to gauge real-time metrics of multiple components, identifying, and resolving potential issues that hinder vehicle performance and reliability. Experience delivering the optimal on-road potential for your vehicle with our in-depth remote analysis and diagnostics.

Digital Key

Provide smarter access for your vehicle buyers in this intelligent era of mobility. We enable your customers to seamlessly manage and access their vehicles through our digital key solutions that assure convenience and security. Our smartphone-based digital key solutions adhere to CCC Digital Key standards, ensuring robust security and interoperable capabilities.

In-Vehicle Infotainment

Elevate your customer’s journey with modern In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems that offer an intuitive digital dashboard ecosystem and an interactive multimedia experience. We enable your customers to experience entertainment on the go, with touch-screen infotainment flaunting seamless wireless connectivity and smart device integrations. Transform your automotive offerings from just being a mode of transport to a connected platform for an exceptional in-vehicle experience.



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