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Multinational Automobile Manufacturer

Enhanced competitiveness through
value-added in-car services

Business Goals

Implement a robust, scalable, extensible, ERP application for:

  • Develop connected car app to improve driver experience.
  • Develop an iOS, Android and Windows compatible app without:
    • Communicating with Controller Area Network (CAN BUS).
    • Changing the assembly line or Engine Control Units (ECU) design.


  • Design, deploy and maintain a cloud-based plug and play app underpinned by a globally available GPS sensor.
  • Extensible, scalable cross-platform mobile solution with following modules :
    • Impact, tow and personal and parental alerts
    • Geo Fence to secure the car
    • Live Tracking
    • Nearest Search (ATM, hotel, petrol pumps, dealer and service Centers)
    • Service remainders
    • Trip and drive analysis
    • ‘Locate my car’ feature
    • Other utility modules


  • Helped attract new customers and retain existing customers.
  • Seamless maintenance experience through alerts and reminders.
  • Enhanced safety and user experience.