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Discover our industry-leading, In-vehicle software solutions covering development, automation, testing and continuous delivery to maximize real-time performance and efficiency for your vehicles. Our proven expertise in 20 years of automotive-embedded engineering facilitates automotive OEMs to deliver vehicles that keep pace with market demands and elevate end-user experience.

ECU SW Development

Embrace our bespoke ECU software development solutions that effortlessly align you with modern mobility demands and requirements. From traditional engines to EVs and Autonomous ones, we develop robust ECU software that enhances performance, safety and efficiency for your automotive portfolio. Harness our proven in-vehicle software development expertise to build reliable, compliant ECU software, ensuring your vehicles stay ahead in the fast-evolving automotive landscape.

Legacy Hand Coding

Streamline legacy automotive software code management for your vehicle offerings. We assist you in critical areas like legacy code maintenance, code refactoring, and code review analysis, ensuring optimal performance and meeting security compliances. With us, you experience the advantage of integrating with modern development and environment tools to address unique functional requirements.

Model-Based Development (MBD)

Unlock innovation and efficiency by simulating the software systems even before they materialize. We leverage advanced modeling tools and enforce our MBD expertise to simulate and verify software functionality and performance, thus reducing your development time and delivering dependable systems to the market. Be assured that our MBD code generation solutions adhere to broader aspects of ISO 26262 compliance.

Verification and Validation

Achieve functional and system requirements for your automotive systems with our comprehensive verification and validation services – Model in the loop (MIL), software in the loop (SIL), processor in the loop (PIL), and hardware in the loop (HIL). We design and build test environments that accurately mimic the in-vehicle systems, allowing for rigorous simulation and testing. With us, you can be confident that your in-vehicle software fully complies with ASPICE standards and meets the market’s highest quality and safety criteria.

Test Automation

Utilize our robust and customizable test automation solutions for enhanced automotive software efficiency and reliability. We assist with extensive script libraries for diverse test scenarios, including functional, integration, regression, and performance testing. Let’s redefine your automotive software quality control benchmarks, reduce costs and fasten your time to market with our innovative test automation strategies.

Onboard Diagnostics

Learn about our efficient On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) solutions encompassing precise monitoring of vital engine component’s performance. We help you deploy SAE-compliant OBD-I and OBD-II electronic systems for your vehicles at both software and hardware levels. With our collaboration, experience Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) adhering to ISO 14229-1, enabling advanced error diagnosis capabilities for your vehicles.

HILS Commissioning

Accelerate the pace of testing and validating your complex automotive systems with our cost-efficient hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) commissioning services. With the help of advanced test benches and platforms, we simulate and feed real-world inputs to your embedded systems and analyze how they go against your specific requirements. Our HIL commissioning ensures that your software systems go out to the market with top-notch performance and reliability.

Process Automation

Advance your in-vehicle software development process with our intelligent process automation solutions. We assist you in automating mundane development tasks, channeling your dev team’s focus to high-outcome initiatives with improved productivity levels. Our tailored automation frameworks and workflows ensure seamless collaboration, code optimization, and error reduction across your development cycle.


Infuse Agile and DevOps methodologies into your standard automotive software development for improved software quality and reliability. We leverage Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) mechanisms to automate build, test, and deployment processes, resulting in quick time to market and rapid software updates. Let’s foster seamless collaboration and integrations that eliminate the scalability and flexibility constraints of your automotive software.


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