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Elevate your automotive finesse by offering your customers a safe and comfortable driving experience through our comprehensive Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) solutions. Integrated with cutting-edge technologies and expertise, our ADAS solution combines sensors, intelligent algorithms, and real-time data processing for complete driving assistance functionalities. Our skilled professionals ensure seamless development, verification, and testing of ADAS modules and commit to driving innovation and efficiency for your automotive business, achieving dependable and superior performance.

Software Integration for ADAS (AUTOSAR)

Enhance your vehicle’s intelligence with our seamless ADAS software integration into the AUTOSAR Classic Platform, ensuring future-ready automotive systems. Take advantage of our tailor-made MCAL development for diverse automotive MCUs, guaranteeing optimal performance and efficiency. Our team of experts excels in developing and configuring communication protocol stacks, robust diagnosis tools, and memory systems to reform your automotive portfolio, making your vehicles smarter and more secure.

System Testing Solutions

Maximize your automotive control system’s efficiency, outperform competitors, and ensure unparalleled safety with our groundbreaking ADAS testing system. Employing cutting-edge HIL testing platforms like Vector and dSpace, we enact stringent testing protocols aligned with ISO 26262 standards, guaranteeing comprehensive verification and validation of varied control units. Our tailored end-to-end testing solutions ensure ADAS excellence and shape your success through quality-driven automotive modernization.

Automation Framework

Renovate your automotive testing strategy with our innovative test frameworks, ensuring precision in software validation and ECU software performance analysis. Our team pioneers advanced test tool development, automating test case generation, parameter file creation, and execution for seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines for reliable and efficient autonomous testing. Specializing in BUS Communication Tests for protocols like CAN/CANFD/FLEXRAY/LIN/ETHERNET, we deliver bespoke test automation solutions to accelerate time-to-market, ensure product quality, and improve customer satisfaction.

Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment (HARA)

Elevate vehicle safety with our tailor-made HARA solutions, meticulously designed for your ADAS and autonomous systems to meet ASIL requirements. We excel with automotive systems’ seamless verification and validation frameworks that strictly adhere to the ISO 26262 Functional Safety Framework. Our unparalleled expertise enables you to proactively monitor, address potential hazards, and consistently sustain the safety benchmarks of your ADAS systems, enabling you to scale your customer safety and trust.

ISO 26262 Compliance

Leverage our expert team to streamline ISO 26262 compliance for your ADAS and autonomous systems. We craft essential safety documentation, from safety plans and cases to requirement specifications and personalized solutions, driving the entire automotive safety lifecycle management. Our approach determines ASIL classes, aligns risks, and outlines safety measures, ensuring paramount safety throughout your ADAS initiatives. Trust us for comprehensive validation of your ADAS modules, assuring enhanced protection in your automotive novelties.



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