Positively impacting businesses using technology and engineering solutions.


An intent to be the most valued technology partner who believes in a common purpose and shared success.


Create value and make a difference in the lives of our customers with innovative technology, superior quality, and exceptional service.


Beliefs That Bind Us Together

Building a strong culture and defining our organization’s nature is dependent on common codes created based on these core philosophies. They guide us on how to act, make decisions, and move forward as individuals and as a team. Bringing these values to life and making our people believe in these ideologies has led to increased employee engagement in alignment with our organizational goals. We hope to motivate new hires, provide greater value to our people, deliver excellence to our customers, and become one of the most trusted business entities in the world.

Make A Difference

Showcase a strong individual purpose in fulfilling responsibilities, nurturing peers, and consistently delivering value to clients.

Treat Everyone Equally

Be fair to yourself, your peers and provide equal opportunity to everyone in communicating their views, ideas, concerns or approach.

Never Stop Learning

Constantly keep enhancing your knowledge, competency & skill sets. This not only improves your growth trajectory but also inspires people around you.

Always Act With Integrity

Exhibit your commitment to being honest, transparent, and accountable in everything you do and communicate.

Maximize Value Through Innovation

Challenge conventional methods and adopt an innovative mindset when it comes to solving customer challenges and creating everyday impact.

Brand Impact

Our CSR Initiatives And Philathropic Efforts

Battling COVID-19

  • Supported with a 200+ bed capacity hospital for COVID-19 patients.
  • 10K hourly wage workers were provided shelter and food every day.
  • 100K PPEs donated to local state agencies.

Sustainable Living

  • 8 villages were adopted under ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ to promote cleanliness and sustainable living.
  • Continue to implement ‘Go Paperless Initiative’ with 60% reduction in paper usage.
  • Improving resource efficiency in operations, especially for key resources such as energy and water.
  • Reducing Co2 emissions through energy efficiency measures.

Access To Education

  • INR 391 Million worth of scholarships given to deserving students every year.
  • 3500+ students provided free/subsidized primary, secondary and higher education from underprivileged societies every year.
  • 25+ rural towns adopted to provide digital infrastructure for access to education.
  • Over 1M+ people trained in the past decade across Africa, Central America and Asia

Healthcare 2.0

  • Provision of 1200 bedded hospital for affordable clinical care.
  • Around 3000 people were given free basic medical treatment.
  • Enabled Rural- Health Connect Program with access to a clinic within 5 miles of every village.

Volunteering + Empowerment

  • Our employees volunteer over 5000 hours every year.
  • Regular Women empowerment programs are conducted to promote gender equality.
  • International culture exchange program to promote diversity.