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We built a modernized core IT Infrastructure for enabling next-gen banking.

Key Results

  • Augmented efficiencies and amplified CX
  • Accelerated time-to-market

The Business Goal was to

  • Redefine core IT infrastructure to:
    • Enhance efficiencies.
    • Simplify new product introduction and existing product management.
    • Boost CX.
  • Merge back office data and self-service operations for unified view.

The Solution offered, involved

  • Data Center solution for improved network efficiency, visibility and uptime.
  • Disaster Recovery site in different seismic zone, with real-time data sync.
  • WAN connectivity across 130 branches for increased reliability, scalability and service quality.

The Outcomes were

  • Anytime, anywhere customer banking with unified view for seamless CX.
  • Real-time banking, mitigating fraud and theft.
  • Minimal human intervention, stringent compliance and lower operating costs.
  • Uninterrupted connectivity to power customer intelligence platform.